[pdftex] Transition effect in Prosper PDF presentation

Agostino.Manzato at osmer.fvg.it agostino.manzato at osmer.fvg.it
Fri Aug 23 12:44:45 CEST 2002

I'm Agostino from Italy.
I'm finishing my Prosper presentation but I have still
one problem: the transition effect from slide to slide 
didn't work (it just replaced one with the following).
I declared in the preamble:
\documentclass[pdf, colorBG, slideColor,mystyle]{prosper}       
and also:
        \begin{slide}[Glitter]{My Title}
in each slide, but I'm not able to see any transition effect
in the pdf file (made with dvipdf) with Acroread, neither
in Lyn as well in Win98.
I thought there were some problems in my slide style (made
modifing PPRcontemporain.sty) but also using the default
style I got the same problem.

Do you have any idea why I can't generate the transitions?


Agostino.Manzato at osmer.fvg.it

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