[pdftex] graphics are not included in the PDF output file

Sander den Biggelaar sander at madison-gurkha.com
Tue Oct 30 15:10:50 CET 2001


thanks in advance for helping..

I'm new to this, and have finally gotten
all the tools to work with eachother and produce
meself a PDF file from a SGML file, but this is
also where my problem kicks in;

* used graphics in the SGML file are not shown in the PDF file

Altho its probably a RTFM issue, i have not been
able to fix it yet, and id really appreciate any
help on this matter..

I'm using a simple <img src="lal.png" alt="alt text">
snipper to display the image in the SGML file, but
somewhere (probably from SGML->TeX) this is no longer

any idea or solutions are appreciated

kind regards,

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