[pdftex] Harlequin RIP 5.3 and PDFTeX

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Mon Oct 8 12:03:17 CEST 2001

Hello Tom,
you might be very right with the assumption that the file(transfer) 
might be corrupted. These days I tried to make a pdf-file from a ps-
file (24MB) of 120 pages only and got error messages every 5th or 
10th pages. The messages did not stay the same when I tried again 
with a newly saved  ps-file..

Later I discovered that the error messages went away when I copied 
the file first to the computer and did not work directly from the ZIP-
medium. This happened with various ps-files from different books.

With regards
Henning Heinze

On 7 Oct 2001, at 23:32, Tom Kacvinsky wrote:

> Well, pardon me, but this argumentation for Quebecor is chicken shit.
> If the PDF file is viewable and printable by Acrobat (the reference
> implmentation for the PDF spec), the problem is most likely due to the
> RIP, not the PDF file or pdftex.
> Besides, we cannot "fix" pdftex unless we know what is "broken."  The
> error message you gave is meaningless, because the TJ operator as used
> inside the PDF file is just fine -- its use in the file conforms to
> the specification.
> If we had some more information from Harlequin on what happened or why
> it happened, we perhaps could "fix" pdftex.
> The only thing I can think of is that the PDF file got corrupted in
> transit to the RIP.
> Report the bug to your RIP manufacturer, who will report the bug to
> Harlequin. You would think the Quebecor would be happy that a fix
> would be made that would allow them to accept PDF file from other
> aplications.  Or just use dvips + distiller, and be done with it.
> Tom
> On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Jeffrey McArthur wrote:
> > On Sun, 7 Oct 2001 16:28:18 +0200, you wrote:
> >
> > >Sorry, but this is nonsense. Some of the largest printing houses in
> > >Germany use imposition software which uses pdfTeX as a backend.
> >
> > Quebecor, www.quebecor.com,  (which claims to be the largest
> > printing company in the world) has consistantly rejected all the
> > files we have generated via PDFTeX.
> >
> > Since Quebecor is so big, it is like trying to argue that Microsoft
> > produces buggy software (we all know they do).  But if our clients
> > want to use Microsoft products (and they do) we have to be
> > compliant.  If our clients want to use Quebecor (and they do) we
> > have to produce PDF files that Quebecor will accept.  Quebecor will
> > not accept the output of PDFTeX because it generates the same errors
> > that we get with our Harlequin 5.1 rev 2 RIP. We will get nowhere
> > arguing with Quebecor (do you want to tell them that a large number
> > of their RIPs are buggy and that they have to upgrade all of them
> > just to run a job created by PDFTeX?).
> >
> > Quebecor is huge, so I am sure that some branch office of theirs has
> > the newest version of the RIP, but that does not solve my problem. 
> > Quebecor chooses which plant to print the books and sets that
> > standards that we are required to meet.  If we send them a file, and
> > they reject it, we have no alternative but to create a file that
> > they will accept.  So far, PDFTeX has never been able to create a
> > PDF file for us that has been acceptable to Quebecor.
> >
> > My point is this: PDFTeX is currently unable to create a file that
> > is acceptable to the company that claims to be the worlds largest
> > commercial printer (their claim is on their main web page at
> > www.quebecor.com).
> >
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