[pdftex] Problems with LARGE tiffs

Sebastian Marius Kirsch skirsch at moebius.inka.de
Wed Mar 14 13:41:33 CET 2001

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 01:03:13PM +0100, Laurent Siebenmann wrote:
> Seb! Which species of TIFF have you successfully 
> tested?

I'm sorry, I haven't tested TIFF in particular; I usually use either PNG
or JPEG, not being in the prepress business. But pdflib is linked
against TIFFlib (http://www.libtiff.org/), so it should be able to cope
with anything the TIFFlib can handle as well. I believe that pdfTeX also
uses TIFFlib?

> I presume the 20 lines of Perl make the size of the PDF just a bit
> bigger than the size of the TIFF??

Depends on the compression of both the original TIFF file and the PDF
file, I'd say. TIFF images are compressed in the PDF file the same way
all other streams are.

> Is the TIFF nicely centered (say as Distiller does for EPSFs)?

I usually choose a page size that is the size of the TIFF image. I don't
know offhand whether pdflib allows you to set the different Boxes
(MediaBox, TrimBox, CropBox etc. etc. pp.), I think not. If you need it,
I suggest you write to Thomas Merz about it; I'm sure he will be
grateful for your input, and it should be a trivial change.

BTW: Ever tried using Acrobat Reader on a monochrome display? Blech! All
the fonts are completely messed up! xpdf doesn't work either on a
monochrome display, only GhostScript manages to produce something

Yours, Sebastian Kirsch <skirsch at moebius.inka.de>

There's one thing computing teaches you, and that's that there's no point
to remembering everything. Being able to find things is what's important. 

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