[pdftex] Problems with LARGE tiffs

Laurent Siebenmann Laurent.Siebenmann at math.u-psud.fr
Wed Mar 14 13:03:13 CET 2001

Hans Hagen wrote:

> An alternative is to convert 
> the tiffs to pdf using distiller or gs and then
> include the pdf file.

Could you detail the Distiller recipe please Hans?

Sebastian Kirsch writes:

 > A generic tifftopdf script using pdflib is 
 > about 20 lines in Perl.

Seb! Which species of TIFF have you successfully 
tested? I presume the 20 lines of Perl make 
the size of the PDF just a bit bigger than the 
size of the TIFF?? Is the TIFF nicely centered 
(say as Distiller does for EPSFs)? 


     Laurent S.

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