[pdftex] Problems with LARGE tiffs

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Mar 14 14:05:25 CET 2001

At 01:03 PM 3/14/01 +0100, Laurent Siebenmann wrote:
>Hans Hagen wrote:
>> An alternative is to convert 
>> the tiffs to pdf using distiller or gs and then
>> include the pdf file.
>Could you detail the Distiller recipe please Hans?

Well, i would make an eps of the tiff and feed it into distiller. Or
faster: use acrobat (formerly known as exchange) which can do the
conversion directly. 

>Sebastian Kirsch writes:
> > A generic tifftopdf script using pdflib is 
> > about 20 lines in Perl.
>Seb! Which species of TIFF have you successfully 
>tested? I presume the 20 lines of Perl make 
>the size of the PDF just a bit bigger than the 
>size of the TIFF?? Is the TIFF nicely centered 
>(say as Distiller does for EPSFs)? 

pdf supports some of the tiff (png,jpg) compression schemes, not (the many
many alternativec of) tiff itself, so some kind of mapping has to take
place. this is why inclusion takes so long compared to pdf inclusion. 

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