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Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Sun Mar 11 11:36:05 CET 2001


Now that I've managed my beginner's problems running fpTeX and pdfTeX
correctly I'm really impressed by the new typesetting features in
pdfTeX! It improved the appearance of the typeset page significantly.

Still I've some questions I could not solve by myself ...

Are there command line options for pdfTeX so that more information on,
e.g. TFM file loading, paths, etc. are provided (in conjunction with
the expanding feature)?

I've a problem with graphics inclusion. I used Destiller to convert a
EPS to PDF. But when viewing, Acrobat complains about "not
understanding the color model". It's a PhotoShop duotone-EPS.

And I'm wondering what happens to the quality of the picture by this
conversion (having high quality offset printing in mind).

To reduce .STY file inclusion (in this case: letterspace.sty) I would
like to use \pdffontexpand such that it's possible to apply tracking
only for my chapter headings (where a small amount of tracking *is*
useful). But I don't know how! My main problem -- and this is true for
(4), too -- is that I don't know how I can use these plain TeX font
selecting commands (like, e.g. \font\xxx=tir at 10dd stretch nn shrink
mm step i) together with LaTeX2e's font selecting scheme (where I
define the font family and the size will be context-sensitive). ???

Besides my main setup for the body type I'm using another font family.

Now I would like to setup this font family so that character
protruding and expanding is working similar to the body font (with
different values of course; and variants like italic, bold,

Because of my confusion regarding the plain/LaTeX2e font selection
method used, I hope someone can help me!

Especially I don't know how I can get the same result of macro
\setupfont for the new font family (\setprotcode\font is confusing

My defintions (stolen from Thanh's appendix of the dissertation) so


   \pdffontexpand\font 30 30 10 1000


Any help appreciated!

Ulrich Dirr

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81369 München
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