[pdftex] tex2pdf (former lyx2pdf) new versions !!!

Steffen Evers forevers at gmx.de
Sun Mar 11 04:21:12 CET 2001

Hello everyone,

after several month break I was driven to continue the development of tex2pdf by
a lot of thankful feedback and patches. I stopped my work because I thought that
the script is no longer demanded because of LyX' built-in PDF export, but than I
realized that LyX is only calling pdflatex which tex2pdf does as well. The image
translation, etc. has to be done manually without tex2pdf. So, it is still

Stable version: lyx2pdf 1.8
Development version: tex2pdf 2.0 beta 2

The beta should work properly as well!!

* (tex2pdf) works with LyX and LaTeX files as input
* supports thumbpdf to generate thumbnails of all pages
* parses included LaTeX files for images
* support for pstex_t files with included EPS image
* parameter section to adjust to your personel flavor
* bibtex support

I have opened a project at BerliOS to make life easier. Have a look if you like:

There are two mailing lists at BerliOS as well:

Join them if you like. I will announce future releases only on my mailing lists,
though, I might post it on the pdftex and lyx-users mailing list, too, as long
as nobody minds.

For LyX 1.1.6 users: Using tex2pdf as LyX export should work but requires the
flag originaldir. Unfortunately this flag seems not to be recognized. So you
still have to do it externally.

Have fun with it!!!

Bye, Steffen

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