[pdfTeX] using typesetting features

Han The Thanh thanh at informatics.muni.cz
Mon Mar 12 11:01:45 CET 2001

> Still I've some questions I could not solve by myself ...
> (1)
> Are there command line options for pdfTeX so that more information on,
> e.g. TFM file loading, paths, etc. are provided (in conjunction with
> the expanding feature)?

unfortunately no.

> (2)
> I've a problem with graphics inclusion. I used Destiller to convert a
> EPS to PDF. But when viewing, Acrobat complains about "not
> understanding the color model". It's a PhotoShop duotone-EPS.
> And I'm wondering what happens to the quality of the picture by this
> conversion (having high quality offset printing in mind).

I am sorry that I cannot say anything here.

> (3)
> To reduce .STY file inclusion (in this case: letterspace.sty) I would
> like to use \pdffontexpand such that it's possible to apply tracking
> only for my chapter headings (where a small amount of tracking *is*
> useful). But I don't know how! My main problem -- and this is true for
> (4), too -- is that I don't know how I can use these plain TeX font
> selecting commands (like, e.g. \font\xxx=tir at 10dd stretch nn shrink
> mm step i) together with LaTeX2e's font selecting scheme (where I
> define the font family and the size will be context-sensitive). ???

using \pdffontexpand is *not* the way to letterspace a font.
I recommend using a virtual font for that purpose. It requires the extra
work to generate a font (and to learn fontinst if you didn't happen to use
it), but it is the most robust solution I know so far. In most common case,
however the soul package is sufficient.

> (4)
> Besides my main setup for the body type I'm using another font family.
> Now I would like to setup this font family so that character
> protruding and expanding is working similar to the body font (with
> different values of course; and variants like italic, bold,
> bolditalic).
> Because of my confusion regarding the plain/LaTeX2e font selection
> method used, I hope someone can help me!
> Especially I don't know how I can get the same result of macro
> \setupfont for the new font family (\setprotcode\font is confusing
> me).

\setprotcode\font  means "set up the margin kerns for the current font", so
to active a new font family one can say eg:

{\fontfamily{ptm}\selectfont \setupfam}


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