[pdftex] Patch for pdftex for subsetted font printing problem

Tom Kacvinsky tjk at ams.org
Mon Jun 18 09:15:49 CEST 2001

Hi Hans,

> > subsetted font. To do that, one needs to renumber all of the subroutines,
> > and make sure the charstrings which call these renumbered subroutines use
> > the new numbers, etc...
> sounds like a good patch

But difficult.  pdftex already disassembles charstrings and subroutines
to figure out which subroutines are used, but it does not change and then
reassemble them.

> > The limited tests I have run indicate the patch does work and does not
> > introduce any new bugs.  Comments and more testing would be appreciated.
> ok, if there's a windows binary ...

I think you will have to wait until Fabrice compiles a version with the patch
applied.  I have a Windows box here at work, but no C compilers. Unless Fabrice
uses cygwin.

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