[pdftex] Patch for pdftex for subsetted font printing problem

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Mon Jun 18 16:31:55 CEST 2001

At 08:15 2001-06-18 -0400, Tom Kacvinsky wrote:
>Hi Hans,
> >
> > > subsetted font. To do that, one needs to renumber all of the subroutines,
> > > and make sure the charstrings which call these renumbered subroutines use
> > > the new numbers, etc...
> >
> > sounds like a good patch
> >
>But difficult.  pdftex already disassembles charstrings and subroutines
>to figure out which subroutines are used, but it does not change and then
>reassemble them.

I wonder how pdfTeX handles e.g.

450 10 div callsubr

:-)  This is an unusual, but legal construction.  Extensions of this
idea (e.g. splitting the computation over different Subrs, possibly
using the stack, possible using OtherSubrs) show that it is quite
dangerous to think one can figure out what Subrs are used and
to renumber them...

Of course, for very many "normal" fonts this works just fine.
But we have recently seen how dangerous it is to assume
that because most fonts follow a certain pattern they all must.
Or because the majority of PS interpreters or font rasterizers
do something they all must...


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