[pdftex] Cropping odd and even pages

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jan 1 23:10:03 CET 2001

Charles Lepple writes:
 > This helps, but what would be really handy is support for Articles in 
 > pdfLaTeX. I remember seeing this in one of the pdfTeX guides, but it seemed 
 > to be just raw TeX code, and I remember not having much success with trying 
 > to make it work in a LaTeX document. Suggestions, anyone?
 > (For those not familiar with the term in the context of PDF, you can define 
 > an article as a collection of text boxes ("beads") in natural reading 
 > order

I thought about supporting this years ago when I was starting
hyperref. But then I realized that I had never ever used the feature
in a PDF document, and lost interest in the concept. I always felt it
was one of Adobe's sillier ideas :-}


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