[pdftex] TeX/MetaPost poster of the U.S. elections in Florida

Denis B. Roegel Denis.Roegel at loria.fr
Mon Jan 1 07:23:55 CET 2001

(Please apologize for posting here; it's slightly related
with pdf and pdflatex though.)

Hello and Happy New Millenium!

I have recently used TeX & MetaPost to make a large poster 
clarifying the lawsuits in the recent U.S. elections in 
Florida. You can find it at:


There are three versions of the poster. The first two have been
made with the `poster' package of Tim Van Zandt, and the last
one was merely produced with pdflatex, after changing the pdf
dimensions to suitable values. The figure itself is rather 
elementary metapost code (boxes and lines).


Denis Roegel

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