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Irene Sendiña Nadal irene at fmmeteo.usc.es
Tue Feb 27 12:42:12 CET 2001

> Hi,
> » The first one is how to make not linkable the table of contents.  I
> » already have
> » the bookmarks option to navigate through the document.
> this is automatic, you can make page numbers active instead of tac
> entries with the option linktocpage, but that's all.

Ok. This works.

> Why wouldn't you want that anyway?

It is a matter of taste :-).

> » The second one is that in the bookmarks file, levels below  \subsection,
> » that
> » is \subsubsection, appear at the same position as the previous level of
> » sectioning. Actually, they appear correctly in the toc file.
> Normally, these are correct.
> \def\toclevel at paragraph{4}
> \def\toclevel at subparagraph{5}
> If you define your own sectionning commands below subsection, you need
> to define their \toclevel@ (\subsection is 3, etc.)
> Hope this helps...

    I could not fix this. If I look to the hiperref.sty file, there I can
modified the
toclevels. They are defined as 0,1,2,3,4... for chapter/section/subsection/
subsubsection/... And if I change some of them and run pdflatex, the
bookmarks levels change. For example, if I put them to 0, all the entries
are aligned to the left, etc. But it seems that level 4 behaves as level 3...

I should say that I am not an expert in latex.

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