[pdftex] Links at table of contents

Irene Sendiña Nadal irene at fmmeteo.usc.es
Mon Feb 26 13:04:52 CET 2001


    I have two problems in using pdflatex that I would like someone
could tell
me how to fixe them.
The first one is how to make not linkable the table of contents.  I
already have
the bookmarks option to navigate through the document.
The second one is that in the bookmarks file, levels below  \subsection,
is \subsubsection, appear at the same position as the previous level of
sectioning. Actually, they appear correctly in the toc file.
    I hope someone could help me. Thanks,

 Irene Sendiña Nadal            < mailto:irene at fmmeteo.usc.es>
 Grupo de Fisica non Lineal             Fax/tel: +34 981522089
 15706 Campus Sur, Santiago de Compostela

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