[pdftex] splitting .pdf output into smaller parts

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard at kammer.uni-hannover.de
Sat Dec 8 02:40:11 CET 2001

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Matthias <amat at kabsi.at> writes:

    > The recent pdfpages.sty consults \pdflastximagepages to detect
    > the last page. Thus, you don't have to know the last page to
    > specify the page range. E.g.

    > \includepdf[pages=33-]{file.pdf}

Thank you for the information.  I just looked at the documentation and
saw that you are the author of this package.  It's really great!  
I used it some weeks ago to merge some files, thus it was important to
know how many pages are in a file.  If pdfpages can figure out itself
how many pages a document has, it is even better, though I was quite
happy with the old version.

But there is one thing which is worth thinking about.

Is it possible to extract the code that parses the optional argument
"pages" i.e something like {1,2,5,20-30,89} and put it into a separate

What I think about is to have something like ifthen.sty which checks
whether a number is in a list (i.e. {1,2,5,20-30,89}) or not.


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