[pdftex] Umlaut hyphenation without T1 fontenc

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Thu Apr 26 07:57:01 CEST 2001

At 01:46 AM 4/26/2001 +0000, Johannes Graumann wrote:

>How can I get
>\hyphenation{Schwer-be-sch\"a-dig-ten} (given the hyphenation is correct 
>;o) to work with pdftex without calling \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} (bad 
>resolution ...)?

A truly frequent FAQ :-)

You cannot succeed when using CM with OT1 encoding (the default)
since that font encoding does not include any of the accented characters.

Unfortunately the CM fonts have hard wired fixed encoding --- OT1 only.

And when you switch to T1, LaTeX uses EC instead of CM, where EC
is in bitmapped form. Which leads to ugly pictures  in Acrobat Reader.

So switch to any real text font which has the accented characters.
Such as Times via \usepackage{times}.  If you like the "CM look"
but want real text fonts, consider EM http://www.yandy.com/em.htm

You do not need to use T1 --- you can use LY1 or any other encoding that
includes the accented characters.  http://www.yandy.com/usely1.htm

When you switch text fonts, you would also want to switch math fonts.
For discussion of options see http://www.yandy.com/options.htm

Other approaches include the AE or ZE packages.  These will use CM,
but construct accented characters via VF,  Which solves the hyphenation
problem but leaves you with PDF that cannot be searched for words
with accented characters and that will not transfer correctly via
"Cur and Paste"

Regards, Louis.

>Thanks for any hint, Johannes
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