[pdftex] Umlaut hyphenation without T1 fontenc

Karsten Tinnefeld tinne at ls2.cs.uni-dortmund.de
Thu Apr 26 11:08:58 CEST 2001

> How can I get
> \hyphenation{Schwer-be-sch\"a-dig-ten} (given the hyphenation is correct ;o) 
> to work with pdftex without calling \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} (bad resolution 
> ...)?

(The hyphenation is correct.)

Using old text encoding, you cannot, because ä is no OT1 letter. You 
need to use an T1 encoded font to do so, e.g. the computer modern 
reencodings \usepackage{ae} or the like. In case you don't do so, the 
only way is to enter Schwer"-be"-schä"-dig"-ten into your text every 

Guess this is a faq. Gosh, never read the faq for a long time ...


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