[OzTeX] Can't find screen fonts

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Sun Apr 3 01:54:23 CEST 2005

> can anyone help about the following problem ?
> OzTex 5.2 on OS 10.3 when started for the first time in weeks,
> can't find many screen fonts -- at least all '%cm...' fonts.
> The visible CM and AMS fonts by Selwyn Hollis are installed in ~/Library/Fonts.

I have Selwyn's various .dfont files (CM_1.dfont etc) in a "CM and AMS" subfolder
in ~/Library/Fonts.  Is that what you do?  You don't have to put the .dfont
files in a subfolder (since 10.2?) but it keeps things nice and tidy.

Do you see the CM fonts in OzTeX's Edit > Font submenu?  If they are installed
correctly then you should see CMB10, CMBSY10 etc in that menu.

If you open Applications/Font Book you should see Computer Modern listed
with lots of typefaces (all called Regular, which is a bit annoying).

> OzTeX loads the 'Add Outline Fonts' files from the OzTeX distribution.


> The manual tells us that it's ok to request screen fonts by names which start with
> a percent sign even if the non-hidden fonts are installed,

That's correct (and true for my system).

> and i don't know
> what could have changed in the system to result in this behaviour.

Could be some sort of system cache bug.  Maybe try removing the CM and AMS fonts
from ~/Library/Fonts, reboot (or just log out and in) and re-install the fonts.
Please let us know if you find a fix.


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