[OzTeX] Can't find screen fonts

Richard McGraw rmcgraw at 9online.fr
Sat Apr 2 19:49:15 CEST 2005


can anyone help about the following problem ?

OzTex 5.2 on OS 10.3 when started for the first time in weeks,
can't find many screen fonts -- at least all '%cm...' fonts.
The visible CM and AMS fonts by Selwyn Hollis are installed in 
OzTeX loads the 'Add Outline Fonts' files from the OzTeX distribution.
The manual tells us that it's ok to request screen fonts by names which 
start with
a percent sign even if the non-hidden fonts are installed, and i don't 
what could have changed in the system to result in this behaviour.

Any help will be appreciated.

-- Richard

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