[metapost] a problem of label when using metapost

source liu sourceonly at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 03:07:31 CET 2011

> It is really hard to help without such a file. Computer
> programs are fickle; something as simple as an incorrect
> command several lines earlier could be the problem. We need
> to see a small example file. It can be as simple as a
> verbatimtex section followed by a figure with only labels in
> it (provided it reproduces the problem you have described).
> Please also include a copy of the log file produced by
> the failed run.
>> and i find the
>> $tex mproof something.eps
>> gave me a error message,
> It us useless to say "an error message": tell us *exactly*
> what error message. By the way, mproof generally works best
> if the prologues variable is left equal to 0.
>> even with the eps which was generated without label(
>> eps seem to be correct, as i can include in tex file, or view with
>> imagemagick).

> This is odd, the only thing mproof.tex does is include the figure in
> itself.

yes, the thing even odder is that mpsproof is working well.

>> and the invoking of TeX(related) failed on either my work computer or my
>> P.C.

> I can't tell what this means.

I mean,  the content between btex ... etex is not pass to TeX(related) procedure

sorry for the strange expression.

>> mpost -tex=latex(or plain, or tex)
>> pity none of them works.
> How does it fail? (Provide exact error messages, and perhaps a copy
> of the log file.)

Thanks,  The problem may be



This one would look the *.mem file mpost required and latex only have
latex.fmt,  thus failed.



I changed the order and it seem to work well.

so it suppose to work now.

Thanks all,  the next time i post my problem

I should ,

1. post a minimal instant of the source file
2. error code or error number

am i right?

I'm new to maillist, and  sorry for the ignorance of
*The art of smart question*

> Regards,
> Dan
> Daniel H. Luecking
> Department of Mathematical Sciences
> Fayetteville, Arkansas
> http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/iaq.html

Liu An
Institution of modern physics, Shanghai, China

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