[metapost] a problem of label when using metapost

source liu sourceonly at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 14:23:20 CET 2011


sorry for the mail, but i forgot to cc it to the list  :(

my mp goes here, thanks for your kind hearted help, it can work with mpost now

The problem is that
tex mproof chapter_1-1.eps

still caught an error,  but
(pdf)tex mpsproof chapter_1-1.eps
is fine.

along with the mproof.log

epstopdf chapter_1-1.eps
also failed,  as well as pdflatex on the document which include this
file( with *.eps extension, of course, i
\usepackage{epftopdf} in the prologue of tex file);

but latex with the document include this file (*.eps extension),
follows dvipdfm to generate pdf is fine.

so, at lease one way for me to use mpost in my document is available,
i just wonder why it happend this way.

is it enough to post only mp file and mproof log file, at least i can
confirm nothing wrong in my latex file.

best regards.

FYI, great thanks.

Great Thanks.
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