[OS X TeX] TeXShop manual on editing

Roussanka Loukanova rl.stpuu at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 18:04:48 CEST 2021

Dear All,

My major text editor has been emacs / Aquamacs, since when I needed it for
programming, and I'll still need it. Now and then, I've been check
typesetting in TeXShop, just to see how it goes, and especially in times of
crises with Aquamacs.  Each time I turn on TeXShop, I get more-and-more
attracted to it. Not only by its features, but also by its development and
the extraordinary, amazing support by this list on everything related to
TeX on Mac OS, and beyond!

I need to learn better TeXShop editing.

Sorry for my questions, if they are too basic.

Is there some manual on basic editing keys, key combinations and basic
commands? E.g., moving to the beginning / end of document, paragraph, line,
etc.; marking an environment, from start to end of a pair of parentheses,
ect.? I've looked through the pull-down menu Help, but I couldn't find
anything on how to move and mark, replace, etc.   it gives more advanced

One thing that I would recommend changing in the default settings of
TeXShop: the text between matching parentheses is highlighted in too dark
red to see properly the text. From the Help topics, I see it can be changed
with Hidden Preferences. But how and where are these?

I'm missing something like the manuals reachable from Emacs, in its Help
item and on its starting page. In addition, each version of Emacs (v. 27 as
far as I see) has a reference card, with almost all major commands on 2
pages! I find this extraordinarily useful, esp. in times off-line.

Last days, in my tests with a lot of files for the pstricks, in the rush, I
couldn't figure out basic editing commands. So, I've been typing in
Aquamacs, and excellently indeed, TeXShop would update automatically the
source, which I keep opened in a TeXShop window:

 TeXShop Preferences > Preview > External Editor > Automatic Preview Update

I had expected this option to update the pdf view in TeXShop, but good for
me these days, it updates the .tex source in the opened window. It would be
good to have both updated when they get changed in Aquamacs and Skim.

Best Regards,
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