[OS X TeX] How use git with TeXShop projects?

Marshall Feldman marsh at uri.edu
Thu Oct 8 18:59:31 CEST 2020

My use of Git is similar to what you describe for yourself.

Take a look at the post "Lyx math. git and maths mode 
over at tex.stackexchange. It doesn't directly address TeXShop, but LyX 
has similar functionality (and much better user-friendliness than raw 
LaTeX). You'd have to look up the referenced entry in LyX help to see 
what its built-in interface with Git does. But as the poster says, "to 
take fill advantage of Git, you should learn command-line approach."

While I can't disagree, a helpful compromise, especially for a novice, 
would be using a Git app. I personally use GitKracken 
<https://www.gitkraken.com/>, which makes things much easier (once you 
RTFM, AKA follow the tutorials).

Three additional thoughts:

  * Depending on what you're writing, you might prefer to use LyX anyway.
  * If you're doing lots of statistical or similar stuff, consider R
    <https://www.r-project.org/> with the R Studio
    <https://rstudio.com/> interface. R Studio has a Git interface and a
    notebook-style authoring system (also good for reports, books,
    articles, etc.). The latter uses Markdown fed into pandoc, but if
    you need to, you can access much of the LaTeX engine hidden under
    the hood. (I've seen references to this but never had to fiddle with
    it myself. YMMV)
      o R is ridiculously powerful but has a substantial learning curve.
        If you're doing much numerical work, climbing the curve is
        worthwhile. Even if you're not, you can still use R Studio's
        writing interface with minimal knowledge of R.
  * The biggest headache I have using Git is remembering to sync things
    up when I start writing or finish writing for the day. I'm looking
    for some way to automate reminders, if not the syncing itself.

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> Subject: [OS X TeX] How use git with TeXShop projects?
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> I?d like direct advice and pointers to documentation on using a revision control system with both a local repository and a repository in the cloud for projects done in TeXShop.
> Considerations:
> 	- Except for having downloaded many archives from github, I?ve never used a revision control system before
> 	- I?m agnostic with respect to the particular revison control system. I suppose Subversion and GIT are the chief contenders today.  Or RCS?
> 	- I?m aware of https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://www.tug.org/pracjourn/2007-3/scharrer/scharrer.pdf__;!!Jh1S!1Wj1D5m3DHbTAMIOdUkp7XdYGAblUOit7w8pXkXTwk7_TyEzrnguW-92-4sM$  <https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://www.tug.org/pracjourn/2007-3/scharrer/scharrer.pdf__;!!Jh1S!1Wj1D5m3DHbTAMIOdUkp7XdYGAblUOit7w8pXkXTwk7_TyEzrnguW-92-4sM$ >, but that?s a bit old (and Windows oriented)
> 	- Are there any hooks in TeXShop for facilitating use of a revision control system directly within it?
> Although I?m engaged in a single-author project, my understanding is that using a revision control system would be a lot safer than my current, ?manual? system of (i) having the Mac utility app Forever Save 2 automatically save each TeX file each time it?s saved within TeXShop; (ii) daily backing up the current files in the project into a .tar via a little shell script; and (ii) of course the usual local backup to TimeMachine and remote backup to a cloud-based system such as AWS S3/Glacier.
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