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Wed Jan 6 01:41:05 CET 2016

in tenansi encoding for many adobe fonts for free. They also have macros
for tex and latex texnansi support available for download, but most of
that is already available in teTeX.

It is possible to use afm2tfm to generate tfms in texnansi encoding
without virtual fonts but with kerns and ligatures. Since this is not what
afm2tfm was designed to do, the procedure is a bit twisted. This is also
documented on their website.

I wrote a font utility afm2pl which, together with pltotf, does this as
its default action. To whet people's appetite I plan to add letterspacing
as an option in the next release. I hope some people on this list are
willing to check it out: It does require manual
compilation and manual placement of some auxiliary files in the texmf
hierarchy, so in its present state it requires some unix background from
the user.


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