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Wed Jan 6 01:41:05 CET 2016

with TeX. It is similar to using emacs with TeX on Unix (OS X) or WinEdt 
with Miktex in a Windows environment. I have written a suite of BBEdit
plug-ins for teTeX which use the Terminal program to do the actual 
processing. These plug-ins are being updated to use the new features of
BBEdit 7.0 and updates should be available in a few days. The plug-ins
just execute shell scripts in the Terminal window. The shell scripts
themselves can be modified by the user to do just about anything. I use
plug-ins rather than have BBEdit directly call the shell scripts because
BBEdit Lite supports plug-ins but cannot call shell scripts directly.

Since this is not a perfect world there are two caveats I should mention.
Modifying the shell scripts requires some knowledge of Unix shell programming.
The plug-ins use the Terminal's "do script with command" Apple Event. 
Unfortunately Apple decided that the Terminal must open a new window with
each such event it receives. Since the plug-in does not know when the
script it calls has executed in the Terminal it can't close the new Terminal
window itself. I know of no command that can be executed from a Terminal
window that can close the Terminal window it is running in without causing
the Terminal to put up a dialog box asking the user if he or she really
wants to do this. Perhaps someone cleverer than I knows a way around this.
The bottom line is that the user must conscientiously close Terminal windows
when running the plug-ins.


I haven't said anything about BBEdit and Textures since the latter still doesn't
exist. Along with some of you I also eagerly await the release of AlphaX. The
developers working on Alpha are very clever and will likely have a very elegant
solution to the problem of running TeX from a Carbon editor. Perhaps I will be
able to use some of their ideas to improve the BBEdit plug-ins.

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