[OS X TeX] Encoding problem with TexShop 3.5.9 and 3.6.0

Rolf Schmolling rolf.schmolling at alumni.TU-Berlin.de
Fri Feb 12 19:45:31 CET 2016

> Am 12.02.2016 um 17:22 schrieb Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com>:
>> On Feb 12, 2016, at 1:59 AM, Rolf Schmolling <rolf.schmolling at alumni.TU-Berlin.de> wrote:
>> %!TEX TS-program = pdflatex
>> %!TEX encoding = utf8
>> \documentclass[DIV=calc,fontsize=10pt, paper=a4, enlargefirstpage,%DINmtext
>> %,BCOR=1cm
>> ]{scrlttr2}
>> \KOMAoptions{
>> fromalign=right,%Ausrichtung des Absenderbriefkopfes
>> fromphone=true,%Eigene Telefonnummer im Briefkopf
>> fromurl=true,%Homepageadresse im Briefkopf
>> fromemail=true,%Eigene E-Mailadresse im Briefkopf
>> %parskip=half, %für Absätze ohne Ersteinzug aber 1/3 Zeile Absatzabstand
>> fromrule=aftername%für unter dem Absendernamen, alternativ: true,für Linie unter dem Absenderbriefkopf
>> }
>> \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}
>> \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}
>> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
> Howdy,
> You have several incompatible and incorrect things going here.
> 1)The line
> \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}
> is telling LaTeX that you are using MacOSRoman encoding for the file.
> 2)The line
> %!TEX encoding = utf8
> is incorrect but is trying (unsuccessfully) to tell TeXShop to use UTF-8 Unicode encoding. UTF-8 Unicode and MacOSRoman encodings are incompatible if you include accented characters. However, since the line is formed incorrectly (it should be
> %!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode
> if that's what you really wanted---but wait, don't do that) it is ignored by TeXShop and TeXShop's factory default encoding is used. Until recently the factory default encoding was MacOSRoman (so the inputenc line worked!!!) but recent versions of TeXshop have changed the factory default to IsoLatin9. If you change the the default encoding on the Source tab in TeXShop->Preferences to `Western (Mac OS Roman)' you should be ok.

I am having a problem here, as „Western (Mac OS Roman)“ is not listed as available at all in the TexShop pref pane. 

 I am on OSX 10.10.5 and really wonder if this is related in any way? 

I have tried „westeuropäisch (lateinisch)“ (first entry) and changed the lines in the template as you recommended below.

> THEN, and only then, open your template and change the TeXShop encoding directive to
> % !TEX encoding = MacOSRoman
> so TeXShop will always open that template in MacOSRoman from then on, no matter what the default is set to.
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest dot com)
> List Info: https://email.esm.psu.edu/mailman/listinfo/macosx-tex

I saved the template for a test with the same encoding, imported it into a new document – no complaints from TexShop, umlauts still visible – but when typesetting
I get this:


! LaTeX Error: File `MacOSRoman.def' not found.
A search in TLU (for packages) didn’t show MacOSRoman.def and I really wonder what to do next. 

So, though what you write on the incompatible lines makes things very clear, I am still at loss how to accomplish the right setting.

Best regards, thank you,


Rolf Schmolling M.A. Historian, Rolf.Schmolling at Alumni.TU-Berlin.DE

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