[OS X TeX] simpdftex can't find font, but pdflatex can

Nathan Sanders professor.sanders at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 02:07:09 CET 2012

On Mar 1, 2012, at 6:06 PM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 1.3.2012 um 23:29 schrieb Nathan Sanders:
>> % tail -1 `kpsewhich updmap.cfg`
>> Map TengwarQuenya.map
> This no proof. It just shows that a particular MAP file fragment has been added. Give as a proof that any of your TTF file is listed in psfonts.map, the MAP file dvips reads!

Ah, okay, I didn't know about psfonts.map.  Here we go:

% grep -i tengwar `kpsewhich psfonts.map`
Elfica32 TengwarElfica " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <Elfica32.ttf
Parmaite TengwarParmaite " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <Parmaite.ttf
Parmaite_alt TengwarParmaiteAlt " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <Parmaite_alt.ttf
TengwarFormal12 TengwarFormal12 " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <TengwarFormal12.ttf
TengwarFormalA12 TengwarFormalA12 " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <TengwarFormalA12.ttf
TengwarGothika050 TengwarGothika " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <TengwarGothika050.ttf
TengwarNoldor TengwarNoldor " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <TengwarNoldor.ttf
TengwarNoldorAlt TengwarNoldorA " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <TengwarNoldorAlt.ttf
TengwarNoldorCapitals1 TengwarNoldor1 " TengwarCapEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarcap.enc <TengwarNoldorCapitals1.ttf
TengwarNoldorCapitals2 TengwarNoldor2 " TengwarCapEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarcap.enc <TengwarNoldorCapitals2.ttf
TengwarQuenya TengwarQuenya " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <TengwarQuenya.ttf
TengwarQuenyaAlt TengwarQuenyaA " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <TengwarQuenyaAlt.ttf
TengwarQuenyaCapitals1 TengwarQuenya1 " TengwarCapEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarcap.enc <TengwarQuenyaCapitals1.ttf
TengwarQuenyaCapitals2 TengwarQuenya2 " TengwarCapEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarcap.enc <TengwarQuenyaCapitals2.ttf
TengwarSindarin TengwarSindarin " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <TengwarSindarin.ttf
TengwarSindarinAlt TengwarSindarinA " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <TengwarSindarinAlt.ttf
TengwarSindarinCapitals1 TengwarSindarin1 " TengwarCapEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarcap.enc <TengwarSindarinCapitals1.ttf
TengwarSindarinCapitals2 TengwarSindarin2 " TengwarCapEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarcap.enc <TengwarSindarinCapitals2.ttf
TengwarTelerin Tengwar-Teleri " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <TengwarTelerin.ttf
UnicodeParmaite TengwarParmaite <UnicodeParmaite.pfb
tngan TengwarAnnatar " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <tngan.ttf
tngana TengwarAnnatarAlt " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <tngana.ttf
tnganab TengwarAnnatarAlt-Bold " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <tnganab.ttf
tnganabi TengwarAnnatarAlt-BoldItalic " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <tnganabi.ttf
tnganai TengwarAnnatarAlt-Italic " TengwarAltEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwaralt.enc <tnganai.ttf
tnganb TengwarAnnatar-Bold " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <tnganb.ttf
tnganbi TengwarAnnatar-BoldItalic " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <tnganbi.ttf
tngani TengwarAnnatar-Italic " TengwarEncoding ReEncodeFont " <tengwarscript.enc <tngani.ttf

So, some things are listed.  But most of these (not all!) are ttf, and as Herbert pointed out, these can't be used by dvips (and thus, not by simpdftex).

But then why does the error message say it can't *find* the file, rather than it can't *read* it?

> Why are using the intermediate DVI output format?

I use simpdftex because I have regularly used many very complicated PSTricks commands in my work for about a decade, and old habits die hard.  I haven't put serious effort into learning a pdf-friendly graphics package, or into figuring out how to get all my PSTricks needs to work seamlessly with pdflatex.  I've attempted both at various points here and there, but I was always met with some obstacle that I didn't have the time to deal with, so I always went back to what I knew worked.



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