[OS X TeX] migrating from Emacs to TexShop

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Sun Feb 5 17:47:21 CET 2012

Am Feb 5, 2012 um 5:33 PM schrieb Enrico Franconi:
> On 5 Feb 2012, at 17:05, Christopher Menzel wrote:
>>> To delete to end of displayed line first select to end of line (Shift-Cmd-RightArrow) and press either Delete or Cut (Cmd-X) depending upon whether you want to simply remove the text or also place it in the paste-board. Similar to remove to front of displayed line using LeftArrow.
>> Well of course, but that is exactly the sort of multistep action I prefer to avoid as indicated in my last sentence above — instead of a simple Ctrl-K, we have: (a) move hands out of standard position (b) press Sh-Cmd-→, (c) delete as desired, (d) move hands back into standard position. For many no doubt that procedure is trivial and lightning fast, but I prefer the one clean step.
> I don't get (a) and (d); what are they? Having the cursor in some position, in order to get the same behaviour of CTRL-K with LFs, I'd (b) SHIFT-CMD-→ and (c) DELETE. 

Perhaps it has to do with differences in physiology, but hitting the arrow keys with my right hand involves at best an awkward rightward bend with the wrist to hit the key with my little finger — and because my little finger is often inaccurate at this, and because I might subsequently need to use the ← key anyway, I typically end up moving my entire hand to use the other fingers. Less movement out of standard position is involved in hitting Sh-Cmd (mostly just a slight leftward shift of the entire hand), but some. So (a) and (d) are definitely involved in the use of Sh-Cmd-→ for me.

> It is bizzarre that the Mac does not have a unique shortcut for it, since typically shortcuts do compose on the Mac. For example, forward delete one char is fn-DELETE (compare it with forward select which is SHIFT-→), and forward delete one word is fn-ALT-DELETE (compare it with forward select one word which is SHIFT-ALT-→); I'd expect forward delete one physical line to be fn-CMD-DELETE (to be compared with forward select one physical line which is SHIFT-CMD-→), but it doesn't work :-(

Would be nice. Feature request! :-)


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