[OS X TeX] migrating from Emacs to TexShop

Enrico Franconi franconi at inf.unibz.it
Sun Feb 5 17:33:16 CET 2012

On 5 Feb 2012, at 17:05, Christopher Menzel wrote:

>> To delete to end of displayed line first select to end of line (Shift-Cmd-RightArrow) and press either Delete or Cut (Cmd-X) depending upon whether you want to simply remove the text or also place it in the paste-board. Similar to remove to front of displayed line using LeftArrow.
> Well of course, but that is exactly the sort of multistep action I prefer to avoid as indicated in my last sentence above — instead of a simple Ctrl-K, we have: (a) move hands out of standard position (b) press Sh-Cmd-→, (c) delete as desired, (d) move hands back into standard position. For many no doubt that procedure is trivial and lightning fast, but I prefer the one clean step.

I don't get (a) and (d); what are they? 

Having the cursor in some position, in order to get the same behaviour of CTRL-K with LFs, I'd (b) SHIFT-CMD-→ and (c) DELETE. 

It is bizzarre that the Mac does not have a unique shortcut for it, since typically shortcuts do compose on the Mac. For example, forward delete one char is fn-DELETE (compare it with forward select which is SHIFT-→), and forward delete one word is fn-ALT-DELETE (compare it with forward select one word which is SHIFT-ALT-→); I'd expect forward delete one physical line to be fn-CMD-DELETE (to be compared with forward select one physical line which is SHIFT-CMD-→), but it doesn't work :-(

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