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Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 22:27:07 CEST 2011

Perhaps the fancyhdr package will help?

On 8/15/11 3:00 PM, Art Werschulz wrote:
> In the book document class, the left running head is the page number, along with the chapter number and name; the right running head is the section number and name, followed by the page number.  This is fine most of the time.  However:
> (1) In that portion of a chapter that precedes the first section, the right running head is empty, except for the page number.  This looks a bit strange.  This is especially problematic in the Preface, which appears before the \mainmatter directive (which allows "Preface" to appear in the Table of Contents, but without a "chapter number"); since we don't want the Sections of the Preface to appear in the ToC, we're using \section*, rather than \section.  So (other than page numbers), every right running head is empty, and every left running head is "Preface".
> It would make sense for heading to contain the chapter number and name, rather than blank space.
> (2) If the last page of a chapter is recto (odd-numbered), then an almost-blank page will be ejected, so that the new chapter can begin on a recto page.  So we have the strange situation in which the left-hand page is nearly empty, containing only the number and name of the old chapter, and the right-hand page starts off the new chapter, beginning with its title.  It would make sense for the ejected verso (even-numbered) page to be blank (or maybe to have only the page number in the heading).
> Any suggestions on how to easily handle this problem?  Thanks!

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