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Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
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In the book document class, the left running head is the page number, along with the chapter number and name; the right running head is the section number and name, followed by the page number.  This is fine most of the time.  However:

(1) In that portion of a chapter that precedes the first section, the right running head is empty, except for the page number.  This looks a bit strange.  This is especially problematic in the Preface, which appears before the \mainmatter directive (which allows "Preface" to appear in the Table of Contents, but without a "chapter number"); since we don't want the Sections of the Preface to appear in the ToC, we're using \section*, rather than \section.  So (other than page numbers), every right running head is empty, and every left running head is "Preface".

It would make sense for heading to contain the chapter number and name, rather than blank space.  

(2) If the last page of a chapter is recto (odd-numbered), then an almost-blank page will be ejected, so that the new chapter can begin on a recto page.  So we have the strange situation in which the left-hand page is nearly empty, containing only the number and name of the old chapter, and the right-hand page starts off the new chapter, beginning with its title.  It would make sense for the ejected verso (even-numbered) page to be blank (or maybe to have only the page number in the heading).

Any suggestions on how to easily handle this problem?  Thanks!

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