[OS X TeX] Accented characters in Xe(La)TeX

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Sun May 30 23:21:02 CEST 2010

On Sat 29th May, 2010 at 22:11, Peter Dyballa seems to have written:

> How are ÂÊÎÔÛ etc. right of the f-ligatures? On the XeTeX mailing list we 
> could exchange some graphics...

I can't actually read the question. I should join the e XeX list, I
think. (Only I already get so much email I never deal with!)

In place of ^A^E^I^O^U, I get ~O (O with a tilde on top) then " then ^I
(as expected) then aacute and agrave (possibly in reverse order I
always confuse grave and acute).

In place of ^a^e^i^o^u, I get curly double quote then ^e^i then Lslash
then ^u.

In place of "U, I get the fi ligature.

In place of "a"e"i"o"u, I get ^E"e"i"o and Igrave.

In place of OE, I get copyright.

In place of copyright, I get half.

>> Except that the output is wrong even for glyphs which Venturis
>> definitely does contain. That's why I think there's another problem
>> here. (e.g. the fi ligature is used instead of "U, copyright in place
>> of OE and 1/2 in place of copyright etc.) And it isn't even all the
>> Venturis fonts - only some of them.
> The TeX machinery finds the PostScript fonts, which are certainly not Unicode 
> encoded, first? Maybe you did not even enable the OT variants in Font Book 
> (since Tiger you can create a library and then fill it with font files)?

No, they are definitely enabled and I ensured there are no duplicates.

>> It isn't that I want to use them - I wanted to be sure XeLaTeX was
>> *not* attempting to use them in the case of Venturis.
> Either try the described two step approach or this:
> 	xelatex -output-driver='xdvipdfmx -vv' <XeLaTeX file>

Ah. Thank you.

> Fonts associated with a path name come from the file system, fonts without a 
> path name come from a font service.

I get a path name for:
- Latin Modern
- Venturis ADF regular when I specify a location (as below)

I get no path name for:
- Venturis regular (without a location)
- Venturis bold italic (without a location)

and I get weirdness only for Venturis regular without a location...

When you say they come from a font service, do you mean from the OS
font management? Or from TeX's knowledge of fonts?

> Fontspec also gives you the option to tell XeTeX the particular font file to 
> be used. Try that for ADF Venturis!

Aha. That works. (I get the usual missing characters but not the


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