[OS X TeX] Accented characters in Xe(La)TeX

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat May 29 22:11:24 CEST 2010

Am 29.05.2010 um 18:12 schrieb cfrees at imapmail.org:

> Do you mean that you don't get missing characters when you typeset the
> test file? At least not for Skia and Hoefler?

I get them, of course. They are substituted by either a square or an  
up standing rectangle or the same with a diagonal cross.

>>> I take it the missing characters (^W, ^Y etc.) are due to Skia,  
>>> Hoefler
>>> and Venturis lacking them. So  unlike TeX, XeTeX does not or cannot
>>> create accented glyphs on the fly?
>> It can! You've seen it in all fonts you used in your test file.
> No. In my output, I get missing character symbols in place of ^W, ^Y
> etc. for everything bar Latin Modern. That is, Skia and Hoefler
> demonstrate this, too - I assumed because these fonts lack  
> Wcircumflex,
> wcircumflex etc.

How are ÂÊÎÔÛ etc. right of the f-ligatures? On the XeTeX mailing list  
we could exchange some graphics...

> Except that the output is wrong even for glyphs which Venturis
> definitely does contain. That's why I think there's another problem
> here. (e.g. the fi ligature is used instead of "U, copyright in place
> of OE and 1/2 in place of copyright etc.) And it isn't even all the
> Venturis fonts - only some of them.

The TeX machinery finds the PostScript fonts, which are certainly not  
Unicode encoded, first? Maybe you did not even enable the OT variants  
in Font Book (since Tiger you can create a library and then fill it  
with font files)?

> It isn't that I want to use them - I wanted to be sure XeLaTeX was
> *not* attempting to use them in the case of Venturis.

Either try the described two step approach or this:

	xelatex -output-driver='xdvipdfmx -vv' <XeLaTeX file>

Fonts associated with a path name come from the file system, fonts  
without a path name come from a font service.

Fontspec also gives you the option to tell XeTeX the particular font  
file to be used. Try that for ADF Venturis!


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