[OS X TeX] Including pdf and ps graphics in the same document.

Randy Scott scott_randy at sccollege.edu
Tue Mar 24 22:19:55 CET 2009

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your quick reply!

>> I have an exam that I'm putting together and would like to use some
>> graphics
>> that are in pdf and also some graphics created with PSTricks.

The pdf graphics (created in Mathematica or Adobe Illustrator, and then run
through Apple's Preview to save as a pdf (I like the results better than
using either programs/ built in pdf)) are included in the document with

The PSTricks pictures are in a \begin{pspicture} . . . \end{pspicture}

> There are several ways to achieve this. One would be to "convince"
> pstricks to work together with pdflatex, for example with the
> pdftricks package. Other solutions can be found here
> http://tug.org/PSTricks/main.cgi?file=pdf/pdfoutput

Thanks for this reference. At the top of that page, it says "latex -> dvips
-> ps2pdf" is the absolute easiest way. I use texmaker as my GUI, so it
would seem that when I want to typeset the exam, I should choose LaTeX from
the tools menu, then dvi->ps from the tools menu, and finally ps->pdf from
the same menu. There is also the Quick-Build option that uses LaTeX, then
dvi->ps, then ps2pdf, and then View PDF.

Unfortunately, when I choose LaTeX, I get a message that says "process
exited with errors." However, if I comment out all the lines with \include
graphics{...}, then the process completes normally. When I use the
Quick-Build on the file with the \includegraphics{...}, the error messages
say "LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in
270B_09-1_Exam_II_01.pdf (no

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Randy Scott
Santiago Canyon College

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