[OS X TeX] Mail merge from Excel to LaTeX letter class?

Michael Hanson mshanson at mac.com
Fri Oct 31 03:52:00 CET 2008


I have an existing Excel worksheet with contact information that I'd  
like to "mail merge" into a set of LaTeX-generated letters.  Ideally,  
I'd like to be able to just push a button in TeXShop and have this  
work -- maybe a macro or engine?  I'm willing to learn some basic  
coding to facilitate a relatively automated solution, but I'm not in  
a position to use some of the LaTeX mail merge suggestions I have  
seen on the web -- my lisp or mysql or awk skills are non-existent,  
for example.  I'd also prefer to avoid cutting and pasting the data  
into another file format (such as plain text) -- I might as well  
paste them into individual LaTeX documents at that point.  Any  
suggestions based on personal experience with a particular solution  
would be especially welcome.


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