[OS X TeX] Mail merge from Excel to LaTeX letter class?

Andrei Sobolevskii ansobol at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 08:04:25 CET 2008

Dear Mike,

On 31 Oct 2008, at 05:52, Michael Hanson wrote:

> I have an existing Excel worksheet with contact information that I'd  
> like to "mail merge" into a set of LaTeX-generated letters.   
> Ideally, I'd like to be able to just push a button in TeXShop and  
> have this work -- maybe a macro or engine?  I'm willing to learn  
> some basic coding to facilitate a relatively automated solution

You might first export your Excel file into CSV format (CSV means  
"comma separated values"; since fields in your file probably contain  
commas, choose some other delimiter, e.g. tab) and then process it  
with some tool.  E.g. you could write a shell script or a simple C  
program that scans the CSV file and writes out the LaTeX documents.

Alas, I don't use Excel myself so this is about all I could say.   
Others will no doubt have more useful suggestions.


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