[OS X TeX] File name with accent

Jean-Claude DE SOZA jeanclaudedesoza at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 1 06:13:28 CEST 2008

Dear Members,

I encountered a weird problem.
I have two Mac: one is a PPC G5 and the second a MacBookPro Intel.  
Both have TeXLive 2008 installed and running perfectly except one  
thing: when I typeset a file whose name is for instance,    Contrôle  
1.tex      the TeX engine on the MacIntel typeset it without any  
problem but the typesetting of the exact same file on the PPC Mac  
engine stops immediately, complaining not about the space in the name  
but about the diacritic mark << ô >> not recognized.
If I change the name to Controle 1.tex, the typesetting goes smoothly  
to the end.
Have you see any problem of this sort? Can I fix it myself?

Jean-Claude DE SOZA

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