[OS X TeX] BibLaTeX and archival (a la jurabib)

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Wed Dec 17 09:36:54 CET 2008

On 17.12.2008, at 09:23, Rolf Schmolling wrote:

> Hi,
> since i started this row some month ago (no response on the list  
> then) I'd like to elaborate a  bit what I'd expect.
> Actually the "problem" is still present, I am currently still using  
> jurabib, basically for two reasons: I know how this particular  
> package works … – no modifications of the really complicated code –  
> some things I have not been able to accomplish like a better manage  
> of the archival-type entries.  The other reason is that my  
> references (kept in BibDesk) are set up for jurabib.

Just to make you feel more at easy: I also moved from jurabib to  
biblatex and I also use BibDesk, so the transition certainly can be  
> Simon and Dominik have promised that many things are easier to  
> accomplish, like multibib-functionality and formatting of  
> references. Furthermore since jurabib is not developed any more  
> this is a dead end. I do believe them but…  1) setting things up is  
> a lot of work (learning, changing the references (field and such  
> alike) testing 2) most important learning to write a NEW entry-type  
> (archival) which I believe is not trivial. So I am still shying  
> away from that huge effort.
> In fact, I rather like the manual to be 175pages (but so far the  
> manual I have seen was much much shorter?!) I just recently  
> installed and updated TexLive2008 (wow that was easy!) and as far  
> as I know BibLaTeX was not part of this (hint hint: please include  
> this  as the beta could be kept updated easily with the new package- 
> Manager!!) so maybe I missed the long long manual. I have to admit  
> I am not the programmer- or mathematical inclined type, writing  
> macros is too much for me. So I ultimately don't know if I will be  
> able to achieve my goal here – in the end it is to finish my thesis  
> – not be perfect with LaTeX/Bibtex/BibLaTeX/jurabib etc.

The latest version of biblatex (0.8b) does indeed come with a 175  
page manual, so you might want to check your version. As for the  
inclusion of biblatex into TL: Philipp Lehmann has specifically asked  
distributors *not* to bundle biblatex at this point. I think who  
wants to wait until version 1.0.

As for your specific needs. Do you actually need a new document type  
for this or can this be done with 'unpublished'? Or can you post a  
tpyical example and how it should look like so I can wrap my head  
around it?

If you really can't do it with 'unpublished', it might be a good idea  
to post a feature request on http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=244752 . Philipp has been very responsive to user requests.


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