[OS X TeX] configuration

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 23 14:38:54 CEST 2004

On 23 jun 2004, at 14:19, Frans Goddijn wrote:

> On my XP system, I have a personal "MyTeXLive" dir structure where my 
> own style files are and where my own font installations are. (I copied 
> that to my desktop on the Mac.)
> In the 5 page notes with TeXshop (texshop.html) that I printed, it 
> says that I can do a similar thing on my Mac. BUT it says that the 
> location where TeXLive files are stored is "not visible in the finder"

Not entirely true, but there are two options available, and you might 
want "the other option". let me explain:

The option you suggest invloves using the local texmf tree. This makes 
your packages available to all users on your system. If that is what 
you _need_, read on below, it does involve some terminal commands.

The option I would suggest makes the packages available only to you, 
but it is easier to maintain. This is the ~/Library/texmf directory you 
mention below.

> On the XP, I would have copied files using a Norton 
> Commander-lookalike program, and I would edit the relevant pdftex.cfg 
> et cetera files with Winedt.

Command-shift-G will bring up the "Go" sheet. you can type any location 
on your computer (in Unix path notation) and have the finder open that 
window. Go to /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local and things should 
become familiar again.

Another option is to use the terminal to navigate to the location and 
issue the command "open .", this will open the current directory in the 

The last option (and probably the easiest) is to use the link Gerben 
creates for you in /Library/teTeX/ (not in your home, the main Library 
(or "Bibiotheek" :-). This points to the same directory.
> "Personal files should be stored in ~/Library/texmf"
> On my Dutch system, that dir is called "Bibliotheek"  -- should I file 
> stuff there or should I create the /Library directory structure for 
> it?

Actually it is called Library, it is just that the Finder hides that. I 
actually tried this before posting. Select your "Bibliotheek" in the 
Finder, and do a "Get Info" on it. Open the "Naam en Lokatie" part, and 
you'll see that the name is actually "Library". Slightly confusing, me 
thinks. The terminal will also show the "real" name.

> Ouch. I'm not extremely bright on my XP setup, but I can install stuff 
> there. In this new environment I feel embarrassingly dumb.

That will pass in a few weeks.


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