[OS X TeX] configuration

Frans Goddijn frans at goddijn.com
Wed Jun 23 15:06:10 CEST 2004

Thanks for the replies and suggestions!

After calling Hans Hagen and hearing beasically the same recipe but with
more warnings about newer setups of tetex needing the same font map files in
completely different directories, I took the courage of despair and
"dragged" a bunch of folders from my XP setup /MyTeXlive/texmf/ tree to the
texmf tree in the (Dutch) Library. A ConTeXt folder, than folders named DOC,
DVIPS, FONTS, PDFTEX, tex, and even WEB2C with their subsequent sub/sub

After doing that (and doing "sudo mktexlsr" in the terminal) I was
completely prepared (and already deeply regretting) to find that nothing
would work anymore. Just dropping in all those files from a windows

Just to demonstrate that I was in big trouble I chose a random .tex file
that needs my personal style files for business stationary design, for my
own Times font with oldstyle numbers and eral neat small caps...

And ZAP! Instead of the compilation halting at the first error indicating
that the entire structure had collapsed, I got a long list of log text
within a snap and a perfect PDF file on screen!!

Now I have to deal with the problem of understanding how this could be so
simple ;-)

Well, lots of fonts from the psfonts.map gave "font file missing" in the log
but I don't think those are fonts that I use anyway. So I could track down
that psfonts.map file and cut those out.

Otherwise, here is one happy user. My LaTeX files run okay. Will take it one
step on and test a ConTeXt file of mine..


(answering this one from my XP, as I haven't figured out yet how to switch
off HTML in the Mozilla mail program on the Mac.)

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> Not entirely true, but there are two options available, and you might
> want "the other option". let me explain:


> > Ouch. I'm not extremely bright on my XP setup, but I can install stuff
> > there. In this new environment I feel embarrassingly dumb.

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