[OS X TeX] Times, Math Pi, and MathTime...

Peter Erwin erwin at ll.iac.es
Wed Aug 7 16:08:14 CEST 2002

>I am finally decided to convert my Lucida and MathTime font sets for 
>use with teTeX and TeXShop, as part of my transition to full-time OS 
>X use.
>I have read through the excellent advice posted by Gary Gray, Bruno 
>Voisin, and everyone else. Thanks!
>I have converted all of my Type 1 fonts into both pfa and pfb 
>formats, though I suspect that I only need the pfb versions. I 
>understand where the fonts should be put, and I think I understand 
>that I must run texhash after I set up everything (but I am not 
>positive about this). I plan on putting the fonts in my ~/Library 
>My questions concern the fonts used with MathTime, i.e., Times, 
>Helvetica, and others. In order to have a "complete" MathTime setup 
>for teTeX and TeXShop, it seems that I need to also convert my 
>Helvetica Type 1 font files, my Math Pi Type 1 fonts, and my Times 
>family of fonts (I have the complete set, including small caps and 
>OSF). From what I can tell, the afm and tfm files are already in 
>place in teTeX, but teTeX lacks the Type 1 fonts.

If you have a standard teTeX setup (e.g., the one Gerben Wierda sets 
up for MacOS X), then
you should *already* have Times and Helvetica (versions from URW).

To make sure it's set up properly, you could try processing a simple 
LaTeX file with
\usepackage{times} -- that should produce an output file with Times instead
of Computer Modern roman, Helvetica instead of CM sans-serif, and 
Courier instead of
CM typewriter.

Of course, if you have specific versions of Times and/or Helvetica 
you'd like to use, and the
URW versions aren't to your liking, then you will need to convert 
your versions to pfb and
install them in your ~/Library/texmf hierarchy...


>Question 2: There seems to be a Times directory under the yandy 
>hierarchy for tfm files. Should I name my converted Times pfb files 
>as listed there, or as listed in the adobe hierarchy?

As I mentioned above, you probably already have URW versions of Times 
and Helvetica;
on my system, the pfb files are in:
(if you installed TeX via fink, then the path will be somewhat different)


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