[OS X TeX] Times, Math Pi, and MathTime...

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Wed Aug 7 22:06:39 CEST 2002

Bruno and Peter... thanks.

Okay, I have researched things a little more (with your generous 
encouragement and advice).

I will take things slowly, for now.

I bought the MathTime Plus set of fonts from Y&Y earlier this year 
(it was "fun" moving things from the floppy disk, as I hadn't touched 
a floppy in a couple of years!).

So, I have the complete MathTime and MathTime Plus set of fonts 
converted into pfb format and put (for now), in my ~/Library 
hierarchy, in the appropriate sub-directories. The files match the 
names from the corresponding yandy tfm files. And, since I have the 
complete set of fonts, I did not need to re-create the "mathtime" 
style file (or the font support files).

My question (one of many to follow, to be sure) has to do with errors 
similar to those recently mentioned with regard to the lucidabr 
package and fonts. When I try to typeset a test file, either with the 
pdftex route or the DVI+PS route, I get error messages to the effect 
that certain bitmap fonts cannot be found and/or created. These 
messages are similar to those I experienced with the Lucida fonts.

FYI, my sample test file included the following:


I used Gerben's lastest "fix"

    sudo updmap --enable Map lucidabr.map

for the Lucida fonts and it seemed to have fixed the font errors. I 
tried using the same command, replacing "lucidabr.map" with 
"mathtime.map," to no avail.

Anyone know what I need to do to fix things for the MathTime fonts?

Best regards,


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