[Mac OS X TeX] Type 1 PS Fonts, TeXShop/teTeX, and OS X...

V. Vatsal vatsal at math.ubc.ca
Tue Sep 4 22:09:45 CEST 2001

One easy way to make .pfa fonts for Unix, starting from Mac fonts, is as 
follows. It's taken from Andrew Trevorrow's OzTeX user manual. The 
instructions are for use in Classic Mac OS.

Use the chooser to select a LaserWriter 8.x printer driver. Then use your 
favorite word processor to create a small document using the font in 
question. Print the doument to a file as a postscript job. (ie, Select 
print to file from the print dialog box.) When you print, make sure to set 
the font inclusion options to "all". Then open the .ps file that you have 
created in a text editor like BBEdit or Alpha (don't use a word processor 
for this bit) and delete everything except the portion between and 
including the lines

%% BeginFont MyFont

%% EndFont MyFont

Here MyFont is the name of the font. Save the resulting text file as 
MyFont.pfa. This file can then be placed in the appropriate place in the 
texmf tree for use by dvips.

There is one maybe tricky bit: you'll likely have to change the name from 
MyFont.pfa to whatever dvips is looking for, or change the various map 
files to point to the .pfa you've created. Best to RTFM about this.

What I'm still not clear about is how TeXShop's previewer likes to have 
fonts set up. Do we still need the Mac fonts for preview, in addition to 
the .pfa or .pfb files for teTeX?

Vinayak Vatsal
Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada V6T 1Z2

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