[Mac OS X TeX] Type 1 PS Fonts, TeXShop/teTeX, and OS X...

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Tue Sep 4 20:46:13 CEST 2001


I am considering a move from Textures 2.1 to TeXShop/teTeX. I 
currently own the full set of Lucida fonts (including the expert 
set), as well as the base distribution of the MathTimes fonts.

I would like to get the MathTimes Plus font set, so that I have a 
"complete" set of math related fonts (I already have the Adobe Math 
Pi font set).

My questions:

  - Are the Mac OS versions of these Type 1 fonts easily and directly
    supported under OS X and TeXShop/teTeX?

    I know that OS X is supposed to be able to use Mac PS and TT fonts, as
    well as PC versions of fonts (only TT?). I am not sure how this support
    carries over to the "Unix layer / command line apps" of OS X.

  - In light of my first question, would it be preferable to move to the
    PC versions of Type 1 fonts for use in OS X?

    My goal (for the past ten years) is to be able to use the least modified
    LaTeX distribution from CTAN with a (La)TeX system on my Mac, without
    having to continually wrestle with font issues. Any pointers?

  - Anyone currently using (with success) any of the Type 1 PS font sets
    (CM, EM, Lucida, MathTimes) with TeXShop/teTeX? If so, I would
    appreciate any info or pointers.

Much thanks,


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