[Mac OS X TeX] embedding fonts

Paulo Abreu paulotex at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 09:55:40 CEST 2001

Gary L. Gray wrote:
>On 10/02/2001 at 1:05 PM -0700, V. Vatsal wrote:
>>I'm having trouble embedding fonts into PDF files with ps2pdf from 
>>the command line. It seems that the fonts are not being embedded at 
>>all, and the PDF looks awful in Reader or Preview. I don't think 
>>there's anything wrong with the ps file, as I can generate perfectly 
>>good PDF with embedded fonts by running Distiller in Classic.

AFAIK, the fonts are embedded in the dvi->ps phase, with dvips. You have
to tell it to do so by reading fontmap files, either with the -P swith
(read in config files that in turn might read font map files) or with
the -u switch (read in fontmap files). 

>>Is there any way to force ps2pdf to embed all fonts? Or is this not 
>>supported in the version of gs that comes with the teTeX bundled 
>>with TeXShop?

If the fonts are not embedded in
the ps file, then ps2pdf cannot embed them and the resulting pdf file
will only have bitmap fonts. They display well with ghostscript, but
terribly in acrobat. This is not a TeXshop issue.

>This brings up a question that I have had for some time. When TeXShop 
>calls teTeX using pdflatex, how do we know what fonts pdflatex is 
>embedding in the PDF file? There is no setting in TeXShop for this, 
>so I don't really know what is happening. I suppose this is related 
>to the question quoted above, that is, I assume that the TeX + 
>Ghostscript option in TeXShop is calling ps2pdf at some point, so how 
>do we know what fonts ps2pdf is embedding.

pdf(la)tex uses a config file to check and embed fonts. You can tell it
to use another file, or you can edit that file to your taste. The
default is usually good enough, but if you need to embed not so common
fonts, then you'll have to edit the file. It is in

When you use the altpdf engine, the script tells dvips to use certain
fontmaps that include a reasonable set of fonts. Read the script for
further details.

V. Vatsal wrote:
>I think the problem is that I'm trying to embed multiple master fonts, and 
>that ps2pdf needs to be properly configured to do this. I know it's 
>possible, because I have received pdf files made this way, but I can't seem 
>to figure out how to do it myself.

I don't know about MM fonts, if they can only be embed in the dvips
phase or if they can also be embed in the ps2pdf phase. I am sure that
ghostscript 6 can't embed fonts, but it might have changed with version
7. However, even if you embed them with dvips, there might be some
configuration issues in the ps2pdf phase, like you suggest. I really
don't know, so these are just suppositions.


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