[Mac OS X TeX] Problems with Mathematica and TeXShop

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Wed Jul 25 02:56:10 CEST 2001


Yesterday Aaron Seitz wrote

	Mathematica generated Latex files work fine with pdflatex, but do 
not work
	with the latex+ghostscript option. I have looked at the dvi files with
	xdvi and the ps files with macghostview and neither display with the
	correct fonts.

The latex+ghostscript option works for me. I believe Seitz ran into 
because he has two copies of teTeX on his system.

At http://fink.sourceforge.net/, there is an interesting system to 
download and
install X-windows software on Mac OS X.  Fink will install software
even if another copy of the software is already present; in that case it 
the previous copy alone and installs its version in the directory \sw. 
The fink
system configures .cshrc to use
its version of the software whenever there is a choice.

Installing the fink version of teTeX is likely to cause problems. The 
pdflatex works for Seitz and latex+ghostscript does not is slightly 
read on if you are interested.

It is necessary to add Mathematica fonts and style files to the teTeX
system before typesetting tex files created by Mathematica. These
files are added to  ~/Library/texmf so teTeX can find them. But teTeX 
has to
be specially configured to look in this directory. The teTeX on my web 
compiled by Gerben Wierda was configured in this way. The teTeX
loaded by fink was not. So if you have added your own files to teTeX, 
will not be seen by the fink version of teTeX.

When TeXShop calls pdflatex, it is instructed to look in the directory 
Gerben Wierda's version of teTeX. So the correct pdflatex is used and 
all is well.
When TeXShop calls latex+ghostscript, it is instructed to run a shell 
script called
altpdflatex in Wierda's directory. This script calls latex, dvips, and 
ps2pdf successively.
But the fink system configures the $PATH variable to search first in the 
fink binary
directory before searching in other directories. So altpdftex finds the 
fink version
of latex, dvips, and ps2pdf, and therefore latex cannot find the 
Mathematica fonts
and style files.

X-windows software should work fine with Gerben Wierda's teTeX.
For instance, xdvi works using Michael Murray's suggestion on this list. 
the solution to this problem is to avoid installing the fink version of 

Dick Koch
koch at math.uoregon.edu

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