[Mac OS X TeX] Still having problems with Mathematica and TeXShop

Aaron Seitz aaronseitz at mac.com
Tue Jul 24 03:50:40 CEST 2001


I have made both sets of changes suggested by Dick and now both pdflatex 
and latex & ghostscript are working for my non-Mathematica generated 
files. For Mathematica only the pdflatex option will produce legible 

I have spent some time exploring issues in my TeXShop installation and I 
have figured out the following issues:

1). TeXShop preferences do not change until after the app is restarted. 
This is definitely the case with the pdflatex vs latex & ghostscript 
radio button. This caused some of my initial confusion.

2). Mathematica generated Latex files work fine with pdflatex, but do 
not work with the latex & ghostscript option. I have looked at the dvi 
files with xdvi and the ps files with macghostview and neither display 
with the correct fonts.

3). All my other latex files work just fine with either pdflatex or 
latex & ghostscript.

4). Mathematica files are also not working well with my fink teTeX 
installation and one of my colleagues Linux teTeX installation. In the 
case of the Linux install the dvi file looks fine but it will not print 

My conclusion is that something needs to be done to make the Mathematica 
fonts available to all the involved apps. I do not know the best way to 
do this, but given the fact that the pdflatex option in TeXShop works 
just fine the problem is not very pressing.



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