[lucida] Use Lucida Type 1

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 4 23:45:43 CET 2022

    Unless all files (not only .sty and .fd, but also .tfm, .vf, .map, .pfb)
    are searched in the current directory first. 

In TeX Live as distributed, this is the case. Cwd(*) is searched first
for all normal file formats (pretty much everything but scripts). I
don't know if Overleaf, or any redistributor, changes that.

    I have no idea whether the Lucida license allows uploads. 

It's not specifically addressed. The individual license allows use on up
to 5 computers and 2 printers. So certainly an upload to Overleaf would
count as one of those five (although clearly the number of actual
computers involved at the Overleaf end is indeterminate). I think such
an upload can conceivably be considered "necessary for its use
hereunder", though I should ask Chuck to be sure. I surmise he would be
happier if the fonts weren't uploaded to a common place, period.

Matthias, if you do want to proceed along those lines, please email me
about the project.
    I imagine every collaborator should have an individual license at


Also, of course the project must not be made public, so that people who
don't have a license can't trivially access it. (Not worried about
Overleaf sysadmins here, but rather a user who searches for lucida ...)

    Or maybe you would need a site license.

The principal difference between site licenses and individual licenses
is that site licenses are for a certain number of (unnamed) users, while
individual licenses are attached to individual, real, people.

I don't think one could reasonably argue that Overleaf is "part of the
site licensee's organization", which is the main other extra thing that
is allowed by site licenses.


(*) Actually, the variable $TEXMFDOTDIR, default value ".", is what is
first in all the variable values, as seen in texmf.cnf.

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