[lucida] Scaling the Lucida font

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu May 5 00:20:40 CEST 2022

    >From lcdplain.tex, which is Lucida's plain TeX support file by Y&Y (the
    creators <https://tug.org/yandy/> in the early 1990s of the original TeX
    distribution of the Type 1 fonts):

All Y&Y files are now owned by TUG(*). I'll attach lcdplain.tex, with a
little header stating I'm posting it here under the LPPL.

I notice that this particular file is also available on CTAN.
(Not sure if everything that's there should really be there, but, not my
problem.) --best, karl.

(*) Blenda offered it all to us after she ended up with the rights. Dave
Walden went to Blenda's house and took away the disk drives, later
putting them (privately) online. I recall going through the files but I
don't we ever found anything to actually release. Or something like that.

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